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NollyLand versus YouTube

Financial Comparison

NollyLand YouTube
With NollyLand's Patented Pay-Per-Watch System you earn money every time your movie is watched. Requires a minimum of 10,000 views before a video may qualify for ads. Some videos never receive ads regardless of their numbers of views. 
Direct payments from NollyLand to Producers. YouTube does not actually pay you.  They keep most of the ad revenue for themselves. Only a tiny fraction of the ad revenue ever gets to content owners.
Producers are wanted in NollyLand.  Join us to project Africa in a positive light. Easy "Partnership" means YouTube is saturated.  Only YouTube benefits from this.
NollyLand needs producers.  NollyLand was designed and created for Nigerian and African Movies.  Join us. Rates of payment to YouTube "Partners" are rapidly declining as YouTube competition tightens.
All producers earn money.  All producers are equal at NollyLand.  All movies are given a chance to perform at their best. YouTube is dominated by a few channels with foreign funding.
NollyLand provides a secure streaming platform to protect against piracy.   We do not support the downloading of unencrypted movies.  NollyLand protects your intellectual capital. YouTube allows videos to be downloaded and pirated. All videos on YouTube are downloadable, unencrypted, and unprotected.  Putting movies on YouTube guarantees piracy and file sharing.
Your Movies can shine at their best on NollyLand.  There is no limit. Only a TINY minority of YouTube Partners ever earn beyond N56,000 in the entire lifetime of a video.
Summary:  YouTube is designed to benefit Google.  Google and YouTube have zero investment in the growth and success of the Nigerian Film Industry.  As far as YouTube is concerned, Nigerian Movies and Cat Videos are the same -- both serve only to generate ad revenue for Google.  NollyLand wants Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African movies to shine, and for the Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African Film Industries to grow.

Quality Comparison

NollyLand YouTube
NollyLand is Africa's First World Class Movie Platform.  We designed and created NollyLand from the ground up to provide World-Class Features and Apps for Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African Movies. YouTube was designed for the sharing of personal videos.  It does a great job of showing Cat Videos, but provides none of the features associated with Produced Movies.  This is one reason Hollywood Movies are not on YouTube.
World Class Quality, thanks to our Adaptive Video Streaming Technology.  Watch even on low bandwidth. Low Quality Video experience.
Advanced Features,
+ One Account - watch movies from multiple devices
+ Automatic Bookmark - stop and resume watching on any device
+ Watch List - personalize your choices of movies
None of the features associated with World Class Movie Platforms.
Intuitive Searching and Categorization allow the customer to easily find the movies they want. Search features are designed to maximize revenue for Google/YouTube, not benefit the customer or the producer.
Custom NollyLand Apps provide quality viewing on a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry. Low quality Apps that are not targeted at African Movies.
Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV Apps allow customers to enjoy a full-featured experience on their televisions. Never a full-featured experience.
No Ads.  Nothing interferes with the enjoyment of Movies on NollyLand. A variety of ads disrupt the viewing experience for the audience.
NollyLand delivers your movies to a quality-conscious global audience. YouTube devalues Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African movies as "free" and low-quality.
Summary:  NollyLand's World Class Movie Platform ADDS VALUE to African Movies by treating them LIKE MOVIES and providing World Class Features.  YouTube treats African Movies like Cat Videos.  NollyLand believes it is time Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African Movies were treated like MOVIES!

Wider Impact


NollyLand is PROUDLY NIGERIAN.  NollyLand wants African movies to be treated like Movies. Google and YouTube are International Corporations interested only in making money and exploiting African creativity.
NollyLand cares about and reinvests directly in the Nigerian, Ghanaian, and African Film Industries.  YouTube Extracts and Exports capital from Nigeria, Ghana, and Africa.  Profit is their only motive.
NollyLand's World Class Movie Platform treats African Movies the way Netflix treats Hollywood Movies.  YouTube treats African Movies as "free" and cheapens African creativity.
Summary:  NollyLand cares about African Movies, the African Film Industries, and the Global image of Africa.  Google and YouTube DO NOT.  Why are Hollywood Movies not on YouTube? It is time for African Movies to move beyond YouTube!

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The benefits are above. There is nothing to lose!

Download Producer Flyer and Consumer Flyer to share with friends and colleagues.