World-Class Features for African Movies

At NollyLand, your enjoyment is our goal. We built Africa's First World-Class Movie Platform with Cutting Edge Features. Proudly built by Africans for lovers of African movies everywhere.

NollyLand provides you with cutting-edge features like those found on Netflix, including: adaptive video streaming to any screen anywhere on any device, a personalized Watch List, Timeline Thumbnails, and Automatic Bookmarking so you can stop and resume watching movies – even on another device.

Watch Nigerian, Nollywood, Ghanaian, & African Movies on Any Device Anywhere in the World

Watch NollyLand on Any Device
NollyLand brings Nigerian & African movies to you on any Screen anywhere in the World. Watch Nollywood movies on any device:

+ iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
+ Android Phone, Tablet, and Google TV
+ Blackberry 10 and Playbook
+ Chromecast
+ Apple TV via AirPlay
+ Roku for your TV
+ NollyLand Media Player Device for your TV

Watch Nollywood movies 24/7 on NollyLand.

The best way to watch an African movie is with a native App that was designed specifically for your device. With our NollyLand Apps on all major platforms, you can watch smooth movies on your TV and devices. Install NollyLand Apps from:

+ Roku Channel Store
+ Apple App Store
+ Google Play
+ BlackBerry World

Enjoy an optimized movie experience with NollyLand Apps.

NollyLand Apps are on all major App Platforms

Adaptive Video Streaming for Any Network and Any Bandwidth

NollyLand Adaptive Video Streaming
The NollyLand Website and NollyLand Apps provide you with automated Adaptive Video Streaming and Manual Video Quality selection. Watch movies with low or high quality bandwidth on:

+ 3G, 4G
+ LTE, Wifi
+ Broadband
+ Fiber Optics etc.

Watch Nigerian, Nollywood, Ghanaian, African movies on any Network.

Cutting Edge and User Friendly Features on our World-Class Movie Platform

With our World-Class Movie Platform, NollyLand customers enjoy cutting edge and user friendly features like those on Netflix, including:

+ One Account - watch movies from multiple devices
+ Automatic Bookmark - stop and resume watching on any device
+ Watch List - personalize your choices of movies
+ Timeline Thumbnails - easily jump to any scene
+ Intuitive Searching and Categorization

Expect only the best from NollyLand.

NollyLand Cutting Edge and User Friendly Features

Taking Africa to the World by representing our Motherland at Her Best

NollyLand is Taking Nigeria to The World
At NollyLand, we are very proud of Nigeria. We are passionate about African movies. We have built a World-Class Movie Platform to present Nigerian and African movies to the World.

+ Apps for Phones, Tablets, and TV
+ Free 5 Minute Preview of All Movies
+ Manual Selection of Video Quality
+ Elegant, Beautiful, and Easy

Come and enjoy Nigerian and African movies at NollyLand.

Watch Full-Length Nigerian, Nollywood, and Ghanaian Movies with NO Commercials

Kick back and watch Full-Length Nigerian movies, Ghanaian Movies, and African Movies with No Commercials.

+ Watch from your Living Room, Airport, etc.
+ No Interruptions
+ Full Enjoyment

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